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SGD Led Renovation at Saffron Walden Continues

Swan Golf Designs (SGD) has overseen the renovation of two more holes at Saffron Walden Golf Club, marking the completion of the next phase of the long-term renovation programme aimed at safeguarding the club’s reputation as one of the finest layouts in Eastern England.

Over the past two weeks William Swan has been working alongside new Course Manager Ian Cambridge and experienced golf course shaper Paul Davies to make improvements to the 14th and 15th. The 14th saw the the renovation of one bunker at the front-right of the green and the replacement of the other with a grass run-off which will gather approaches which are over hit or dragged slightly left. In addition, twenty trees have been removed to widen the playing corridor and open the mid-length par-4 up to a wider variety of strategies. Work on the 15th saw the removal of two existing bunkers, the construction of two new bunkers, the renovation of one bunker, the construction of a new forward tee and the removal of several small trees to allow a clear view of one majestic oak. The finishing works are now being completed by the greenkeeping staff before the renovated holes are reopened for play.

William Swan adds “SGD has enjoyed a long relationship with Saffron Walden Golf Club and I’ve relished the opportunity to work with the club again this year. The course has always been one of the best in the region and the club themselves are committed to making the necessary investment to maintain that status. Our job has been to match that commitment and help the club implement a plan of improvement to achieve that objective.”

Saffron Walden is one of several renovation projects being led by SGD in the UK this autumn, with construction soon to begin at Bangor, Barton-on-Sea, Corhampton, Chobham, Huddersfield, Moray, and Stirling golf clubs.